What About the Children

The hate, the differences, the lack of empathy we humans have is incomprehensible beyond belief. We claim to be the most dominant species when we ourselves can barely control our barbaric behavior. And I stand by my opinion of believing that it’s important to be aware of our ways because if we forget we continue, we desensitize ourselves to the innumerable suffering we can cause. I question our behavior just as much as I fight it. I pledge to be one more who will not forget the children, who will keep asking, and keep battling for their youth.

Hope for the Talibe Street Children

I had the honor of visiting Empire Des Enfants, a boarding reception center for the ‘Talibe’ (homeless children) of Senegal. Anta Mbow established the center in Dakar, Senegal in 2003. The facility shelters and provides for adolescent boys aged 5 through 18. Most of the boys who are brought to the center have been abandoned, homeless, lost or have family critical problems at home.