My Take on the latest Boko Haram Video

 by Jennifer Abu

Boko Haram released a disturbing new video of the 200 and something girls stolen from a secondary school in the town of Chibok, Borno State. In the video you could see most of the girls veiled from head to toe looking stone-faced and uncertain. If you look closely some of the girls had babies in their arms. Babies that belonged to the Boko Haram fighters or even to their new, older husbands. In the video, a Boko Haram militant asked one of the girls to speak. Her name was Maida Yakubu. Maida pleaded with the Nigerian government to hasten  up their rescue by releasing Boko Haram fighters who have been jailed in previous years. This has been the request of Boko Haram since the kidnapping. Maida added that there is no good food or water for them and some girls were killed by airstrikes. The masked commander in the video stated that if the Nigerian government does not release their fighters, the girls will never be released. This video evoked some hope in me but also some frustration. I personally think that the Nigerian government isn’t doing enough in their efforts of releasing the girls. Maybe they are but relevant information isn’t being put out to reinsure the public that they are working hard towards the girls release. This makes me and other people around the world question the authenticity of this matter. Will the girls ever be released? Was this a political stunt? I really, really hope it wasn’t. But, I do commend the Nigerian military for rescuing other  Boko Haram captives. 

My heart and mind are with the girls everyday and I hope and pray that they are released very soon. Two years is too long for parents to be without their child. I urge the public not to sweep this under the rug. Lets continue to keep the girls and families in our thoughts and never lose hope. Bring back our girls.